AR Effects Development

We have been in these Creative and Technology Industry for over decades and experiencing with various expertise. We provide a wide range of decision support effective idea and consultation that are designed to enhance the utilization and quality of information to assist clients in becoming more effective and efficient in their business endeavors. We’ll make your brand emotionally resonate for your fans in AR.

We work either end-to-end project development or with clients who already have an idea of the creative but may need guidance as to what is feasible with Spark AR. We will advise you what works, what tends to appeal to fans, and suggest feasible creative options for you.


3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning works by Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), emitting laser and obtaining data from the surface of objects that the laser hits, putting together billions of points to form a “point cloud” data (or LiDAR data). The use of a minimum Class 3R laser enables this technology to be safe and non-destructive, removing the need for any physical contact with the target object. Coupled with a good range of up to over 300 metres (for long range scanners), as well as an accuracy of below 1 mm (for handheld scanners), this technology has opened doors and broken down boundaries for dimensional control and measurements across various engineering fields. 3D Laser Scanning is a perfect way to capture the shape and dimension of objects and convert it into the digitalised 3D world. 


Interactive 3D VR Tour

We are Official Matterport Service Provider Myanmar. We have been providing this service mostly for RealEstate, Property Developement and Tourism businesses.


360 VR Photography/Videography


Digital Heritage Conservation


Media Consultation


Digitization & Data Scanning

We makes book scanning affordable for everyone. Our non-destructive scanning process with high-end devices converts virtually any size book or document to any file format, including searchable PDF.